On this page you can find all the important information about korfbal and the Hippo's. Still have some unanswered question? Just send an email to

What is korfball?

Korfball is a sport, with similarities to netball and basketball. It's a mixed sport, where teams exist of 4 females and 4 males. Each team has a defending and attacking side. The goal of the sport is to score as many times by putting the ball through the basket (korf) which stands on a 3,5 meters high pole. You can't walk with the ball which makes co-operation with your team crucial but it also makes it a tactical and dynamic sport! We have the luxury of playing inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

Who are the Hippo's?

The Hippo's are an social group of students who love to be play korfball! The association was founded in 1990 by a couple of students who wanted to play korfball but also liked to drink a beer now and then. Throughout the years the Hippo’s has grown to a group of around 30 men and women from Maastricht University and Hogeshool Zuyd, who, like in the past, are both fanatic on the field and in the pub. 


Once a week we train with our trainer Dennis. The practices are diverse and focus on both tactics and technique. The practices are suitable for every level, from beginner to prof!  We always like to see new faces during the practices. If you want to join sometime you can contact

Competition and tournaments

Everything we practice we can show off during the several games and tournaments throughout the year. The Hippo's have a small competition with close by teams. In these games we can show off our best korfball skills but ofcourse also have a lot of fun! Besides the games we have a tournament once a month in another student city in the Netherlands. During the tournaments there are several games against other student korfball associations but there is also a great party!

Activities and drinks

Every month we have a new activity planned. The activities vary a lot; from lasergaming to a cycling blind date diner but also twice a year a memberweekend. For these activities we have the motto; Nothing is mandatory, everything is possible. These activities are a great way to get to know all members, build great friendships and have a good laugh. 

Besides activities we also organize a drink or go to a drink organized by other associations like MUSST or SSAC. During the drinks you not only get to know the Hippo's but also members from other associations which can be lots of fun!


If you're interested and want to join a practice you can email to 

During  the indoor season we practice on Mondays and during the outdoor season on a Tuesday. 

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